Come and join us in 2019!
The winter terms rehearsals start again for THE BIG BLAZE CHORUS on Wednesday 17th September 2019. No experience required, newcomers welcome 🙂

Check the rehearsals page for more info!

THE BIG DISCOVERY CHILDREN’S & Teens CHOIRS for children aged 5-18 yrs restart rehearsals on Wednesday 18th September at Mind & Body yoga studio in Valbonne. For more information see the Big Discovery Kids & Teens choir page.

The Big Blaze Chorus.

The Big Blaze Chorus is an adult choir for English speakers 18yrs+. All the rehearsals are lead in English so a good level is recommended.

The Big Discovery Kids & Teens Choirs are for English speaking children aged between 5-18yrs.

You don’t have to have sung in public before and you don’t have to already be a confident performer. The group is for anyone who wants to sing and enjoy the gift of music! If you are interested in joining the choir please feel free to come along to one of our rehearsals (see rehearsals page for details) or you can contact Lizzy by emailing or calling 06 77 90 97 97.

Please also check our rehearsals page for rehearsal dates and info


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